Fight G8, fight for a revolution!

On June 17 and 18 the representatives of the G8-states meet in Norther Ireland, which is occupied for decades. The imperialists will discuss the distribution and access to the highly coveted resources of the world such as petroleum, as well as their strategies to subdue the oppressed countries, and current and coming wars as in Mali and Syria.

The imperialist forces fight wars to ensure the direct access to resources and markets, as well as their geostrategic benefits and supremacy over the oppressed countries. Occupation wars such as in Iraq and Libya are associated with the distribution of the country’s ressources. Fundamentalist and other reactionary forces in Syria are supported by the imperialists to achieve their particular interests in this geostrategicaly very important region. However, the G8-meetings are not just the expression of a common act of the imperialist countries, but a struggle of the different predators for the (new) distribution of preys and spheres of influence. Their different and antagonist interests foreclose a permanent agreement of the imperialists.

This year’s host country Great Britain has, after the USA, the biggest amount of occupation soldiers all over the world, who oppress the population and ensure the access to resources in numerous occupied countries. Northern Ireland is one of these occupied countries. Thousands of british soldiers are still based there. To let the G8-meeting take place in Northern Ireland is a perfect example of colonialist conceit.

The German imperialism hat more than 6000 occupation soldiers based in foreign countries. Germany also participates in many wars through logistical support such as drones, military education and centers for the secret service. Besides the aggressive military submission, the German imperialism so far ensures his interest above all through “peaceful” economic domination such as investments, credit dependency and the construction of infrastructure and governmental structures in the exploited countries.

We want to carry the legitimate hatred and rage against the exploiters of the oppressed in the occupied countries and of the workers class in the imperialist countries on the streets. Therefore we want to begin our organized struggle against G8 both in Germany and in Northern Ireland. The struggle against the G8-summit in Northern Ireland is not just a duty for the progressive forces on Northern Ireland or Great Britain, but this duty’s character is internationalist. Our struggle against the ruling class must be an international struggle. Therefore we call to take part in the protests in Northern Ireland.

For us, the protests in Northern Ireland are a starting signal for the protests against the G8-summit 2015 in Germany. In 2007 we already showed the imperialist aggressors in Rostock/Heiligendamm, that they also won‘t find a quiet backcountry in Germany. This is where we want to tie on with combative mass protests to strengthen the anti-G8-movement. If we organize our collective and determined struggle against the imperialist forces, they also will have to hide and fortify in 2015 with good reason.

Besides the participation in the mass actions in Northern Ireland and the international mass demonstration on June 11 in London, we also exclaim a decentralized week of action in Germany on June 14-18.